Books for Summer Reading

By Kaitlyn Spotts | June 10 2021 | General

Summer is the best time to spark and grow students’ love and joy for reading with exciting and adventurous books that will help them remember what’s fun about reading outside of the classroom. Reading culture is important to promote all year long, and summer is a crucial time to make sure kids keep reading and have the opportunity to reach for books they might not be able to during the school year.

We’ve compiled a collection of action-packed stories, STEM based activity books, and more that will keep kids busy on the long road to summer vacation or allow them to travel somewhere new without leaving their backyard. Give kids the chance to travel to space, the pyramids, a faraway beach, or try a new experiment as they dive into these thrilling summer reads and activities.

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Solids, Liquids, Gases, and Plasma
Explore physics in this early introduction to the states of matter, starring a goofy dog and his all-too-human family.
$8.99 US
Jan 05, 2021
32 Pages
Holiday House

Saving American Beach
The Biography of African American Environmentalist MaVynee Betsch
This heartfelt picture book biography illustrated by the Caldecott Honoree Ekua Holmes, tells the story of MaVynee Betsch, an African American opera singer turned environmentalist and the legacy she preserved.
$17.99 US
Apr 13, 2021
40 Pages
G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers

Fatima's Great Outdoors
An immigrant family embarks on their first camping trip in the Midwest in this lively picture book by Ambreen Tariq, outdoors activist and founder of @BrownPeopleCamping
$17.99 US
Mar 30, 2021
40 Pages

We Laugh Alike / Juntos nos reímos
A Story That's Part Spanish, Part English, and a Whole Lot of Fun
Six kids are ready to play: three speak English. Y tres hablan español [and three speak Spanish]. But all of them laugh alike and together! This clever playground adventure weaves together bilingual Spanish and English conversations, so two groups of children can express similar thoughts in their own languages.
$17.99 US
Apr 13, 2021
32 Pages

The Last Kids on Earth Mad Libs
World's Greatest Word Game
Dive into the world of Last Kids on Earth--full of Zombies, Winged Wretches, and Vine Thingies--in these 21 stories inspired by the best-selling graphic novel!Get your catapults, dig your moat, and sharpen your PLURAL NOUN. Last Kids on Earth Mad Libs is a heart-VERB ENDING IN "ING" adventure where you get to join in the monster apocalypse alongside Jack Sullivan--and it's also so funny that you might just laugh your PART OF THE BODY off.
$5.99 US
Sep 25, 2018
48 Pages
Mad Libs

I Heard a Sound
Learn the science of sound with easy experiments and examples from everyday life.
$18.99 US
Jul 28, 2020
40 Pages
Holiday House

How We Got to the Moon
The People, Technology, and Daring Feats of Science Behind Humanity's Greatest Adventure
LONGLISTED FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD • YALSA EXCELLENCE IN NONFICTION FINALIST • A ROBERT F. SIBERT HONOR BOOKThis beautifully illustrated, oversized guide to the people and technology of the moon landing by award-winning author/illustrator John Rocco (illustrator of the Percy Jackson series) is a must-have for space fans, classrooms, and tech geeks.
$29.99 US
Oct 06, 2020
264 Pages
Crown Books for Young Readers