DK Launches Brand-New Educator Website

By Kaitlyn Spotts | May 9 2022 | Education & Professional LearningGeneralFavorite Authors & Series

The new DK Learning website is here! Building on DK’s 48 years of experience in producing award-winning books that have delighted and fascinated children worldwide for generations, DK Learning offers educational materials covering all key subject areas, mapped to U.S., British, International Baccalaureate, and Montessori curricula, from preschool through secondary school.

The website——was developed alongside experienced educators, and its curriculum-aligned content includes bestselling and award-winning DK books, as well as a wealth of free articles, case studies, classroom activities, and lesson plans that are accessible after signing up for a free account.

“Teachers know and love DK, and DK Learning is here to make it easier for them to use DK’s high quality, reliable content in their classrooms, wherever they are in the world,” says Hilary Fine, DK’s Education Development Director.

“We know how much the world of education has changed over the past two years with the shift to hybrid learning, whether it’s at home or in the classroom. We’ve worked with educational experts from all over the world to ensure DK Learning reflects the existing DK brand by being high-quality, arresting, and easy to use.”

Sign up for a free account on DK Learning to make every lesson your best yet!