Behind the Scenes with DK Eyewitness: 35 Years and One Brand New Encyclopedia of Everything

By Kaitlyn Spotts | September 7 2023 | Social Studies & HistoryEarly ConceptsGeneralFavorite Authors & SeriesReferencesScience & Technology

By Rebecca Tseng

Brand new this fall, Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Everything—yes, everything!—is the ultimate compendium to discovering our extraordinary world. This next-generation, all-encompassing encyclopedia for kids ages 9+ bursts with breathtaking photography and is packed with the topics young readers love most (we know because we asked them!): the mysteries of space and beyond, the world’s strangest plants and unusual animals, surprising facts on the human body, history’s heroes and villains, science’s most incredible breakthroughs, and so much more! 

With 400 pages filled with facts and stats, jaw-dropping photography, quizzes, interviews with experts from astronauts to zoologists, and more than 1,500 images, Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Everything opens the door to a universe of incredible knowledge.


This stunning encyclopedia is the pinnacle of 35 years of collaboration and innovation from researchers, editors, photographers, and artists working on the DK Eyewitness series, which has covered just about every subject under the sun (including astronomy!). With the publication of Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Everything, all of kids’ favorite topics from the series will be packed into one awe-inspiring book for the first time.

In celebration of this landmark publication, we’re stepping back in time to explore the history of this beloved series. Get the inside scoop on the creation of this series and how DK Eyewitness redefined nonfiction literature for a generation of children. Let’s dive in!


The Modernization of a Classic Series

Did you know scientists have found fossils of more than 800 species of dinosaurs? Or that a cat’s purr is made when a set of bones at the base of its tongue vibrates? 

Whether you’re into raptors or rocks, planets or National Parks, Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt, DK Eyewitness books keep curious minds learning and growing, both inside and outside the classroom. Since the publication of Eyewitness Guides: Bird in 1988, more than 41.4 million copies of DK Eyewitness books have been sold in 50 countries, publishing in 40+ languages and covering 150+ topics. 

In 2021, the Eyewitness books were relaunched. Though refreshed with a new look, more facts, and more fun for today’s kids, these books still maintain the same well-loved, immersive approach. 

Perfect for kids ages 9 to 12 and packed with detailed images and bite-size facts, Eyewitness books immerse young readers in their favorite curriculum-aligned topics, from dinosaurs to trains to the human body. 

  • The relaunched series includes:
  • New, bold jacket designs
  • Modernized fonts and formatting for a better flow
  • Up to 20% new photography and updated diagrams
  • All information updated by expert consultants
  • New “eyewitness” feature boxes that provide expanded information from experts
  • A glossary at the back to reinforce key concepts 


Extraordinary Research Makes Extraordinary Books

When readers flip through an Eyewitness book, they become beneficiaries of years of authority, expertise, and research. A team of specialists will have worked on this one book for many months—even years! 

DK’s editors and designers scour the globe for the very finest examples, work with major institutions and organizations such as national museums, private collections, and research centers around the world, and consult the most distinguished authors in the field. The DK team has even nurtured flowers for time-lapse sequences, investigated mummy storage vaults, and trained fish to get the perfect close-up image of an archerfish capturing its prey. 

Whatever the subject covered, no effort or expense is spared to make the Eyewitness titles the most outstanding range of information books for kids out there!

Whether to discover their latest passion or to help teachers deliver an engaging lesson, the DK Eyewitness series captures the imagination of inquisitive minds on topics from the unseen creatures of the deep sea to the strange intricacies of the human body, and so much more.

Publishing this fall, Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Everything will be the ultimate guide to our extraordinary universe for long-time Eyewitness lovers and new readers alike. With DK Eyewitness, the whole world of knowledge is only a page away.

Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Everything
The Ultimate Guide to the World Around You
A next-generation encyclopedia bursting with breathtaking photography and packed with the topics kids love most
$29.99 US
Sep 05, 2023
400 Pages
DK Children

Eyewitness Ocean
Discover the watery world that covers two-thirds of the globe and find out why oceans are so important to life on Earth.
$16.99 US
Dec 21, 2021
72 Pages
DK Children

Eyewitness Cat
Become an eyewitness to the fascinating lives of cats from fearsome felines to pampered pets.From small pets to large predators, discover how cats use their whiskers, senses, paws, claws, and more. This essential guide explores common cat characteristics and features iconic members of the cat family – find out why male lions have manes and how stripes on a tiger’s coat help it to hunt. Introducing a much-loved pet alongside its wild family members in the animal kingdom. Read fascinating myths and legends of cats through history, view cat artifacts from ancient civilizations around the world, and learn how to identify domestic cat breeds as well as how to care for your pet. Loved and trusted for over 30 years, Eyewitness has a new look and even more content:• A bite-sized formula of text with images that kids love!• Fully revised and fact-checked by subject specialists• Packed with facts, infographics, statistics, and timelines• Updated with brand new eyewitness accounts from experts in the fieldEyewitness Cats uses a groundbreaking visual layout that makes learning fun for kids aged 9-12. Using striking full-color photographs and illustrations, discover cat behavior, characteristics, big cats, domestic cat breeds, and much more along with amazing facts, infographics, and statistics to see cats as never before. Eyewitness content approved by -ologists!DK’s Eyewitness kids books are updated and fact-checked by subject specialists, with brand new first-hand eyewitness accounts throughout from experts in the field. A best-selling series known and trusted for generations, with a fresh new look and up-to-date content. What will you Eyewitness next?Travel back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth with Eyewitness Dinosaur, or dive deep into the ocean with some of the most amazing sea creatures with Eyewitness Ocean.Do you think you’ve found your topic of interest? DK has even more cat books for kids and adults alike find them all by searching for "DK cat books".
$16.99 US
May 10, 2022
72 Pages
DK Children

Eyewitness Rocks and Minerals
Explore volcanic rocks, shiny gemstones, colorful minerals, ancient marble, and fallen meteorites and find out how they all came to be.
$16.99 US
Oct 12, 2021
72 Pages
DK Children